Knitted house

It´s high summer here, but look what I found in the TV magasine: I´m not sure whether it´s an advertisement for insulation or home insurance (yes, my German is that bad...) but the knitted house on display sure does look nice!

It reminds me of the houses displayed in a book I recently bought, The Knitted Farmyard by Jan Messent (editor) and Hannelore Wernhard. Originally published in German back in the 1980s, it figures a knitted rug, forming the base of a beautifully detailed village containing knitted houses, people, animals and various flora and fauna, all patterns made popular by the work of Jan Messent. She´s been doing much more of this stuff, including a knitted fantasy story and a Christmas story. See all of her books here. The girls and I have a LOT of inspired projects for next winter...

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  1. ..I've got a great combo for your farmhouse knitting: Knitted Animals by Anne Dorthe Grigaff. A great book with fun and easy patterns.



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