Coronation knits and a giveaway

Livre tricot vintage à gagner

EDIT: Congratulations to fabriquefantastique ! http://andrew.hedges.name/experiments/random/ chose her as our winner for Coronation Knits giveaway!! 

Princess twinset
Today I feel like having a cup of tea and wearing a handkerchief! The much expected book after Susan Crawford, the Queen of Vintage Knitting herself, Coronations Knits, it out and is standing up all expectations.  It is a collection of 14 designs for men, women and children around the theme of the Coronation/Jubilee, Royalty and the personal style of a young Elizabeth from around 1947 to 1953. It starts with a bit of history, it's interesting, personal, informative, the instructions are very clearly set up. The pictures are gorgeous as usual (with a map of the Royal route in the background).  Susan had the intelligence to stick to her theme (for example the 3 colors, the crown motif), but without falling into a caricature. The result is vintage designs but still timeless that could be worn in any occasions.  She is for me the true expert of vintage knitting and you are probably all familiar with her hugely successful books, such as A stitch in time volume 1 and 2, an amazing collection of vintage knits from the 1920-1959 re-written and adapted to our modern yarns and standards.

Aujourd'hui, j'ai envie d'une tasse de thé et de porter un foulard sur la tête ! Le livre tant attendu de Susan Crawford, la Reine anglaise du tricot Vintage elle-même,  Coronations Knits, vient de sortir et répond à toutes mes attentes. C'est une collection de 14 modèles pour hommes, femmes et enfants autour du thème du Couronnement/Jubilée et du style personnel de la jeune Elizabeth entre 1947 et 1953. Le livre commence avec un peu d'histoire, il est intéressant, personnel, informatif, les instructions sont très claires. La photographie est magique et vous fait remonter le temps, comme toujours avec Susan (avec une carte de la route Royale comme fond).  Susan a eu l'intelligence de coller parfaitement à son thème (par exemple avec les 3 couleurs, le motif de couronne) mais sans tomber dans la caricature. Le résutat est une collection de modèles vintage mais classiques qui pourraient être portés en n'importe quelle occasion. Susan est pour moi la véritable experte du tricot vintage et si vous ne les connaissez pas déjà, allez regarder ses autres livres, en particulier la bible qu'est A stitch in time volume 1 and 2, une collection fantastique de modèles des années 1920 à 1959 réécrits et adaptés à nos laines et standards contemporaine.

Diamond are forever

Crowning Glory
Lion and Unicorn
Retro Jubilee Socks 
I've been to London to visit the Queen
Coronation Sleeveless Pullover
Silk Rose

Princess twinset
Princess Twinset cardigan
Princess twinset Jumper

Embassy gloves

Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace
Blue Riband

Diamond Stole (on the cover)

Susan was very kind to offer a copy of Coronations Knits to win to one of my readers. To enter, please leave a comment under the post (comments on Facebook not taken into account) telling which design you would want to cast on right away and why. I will draw a winner on Monday, June 25th at 10:00 AM (GMT). Good luck and if you don't win you can still try your chance as the blog tour continues with more giveaways! Otherwise, you'll just have to buy it!

Susan a la gentillesse d'offrir à l'une de mes lectrices (ou quelque lecteur!) une copie de  Coronations Knits à gagner. Pour participer, laissez un commentaire sous ce poste (les commentaires sur facebook ne rentrent pas en ligne de compte) et dites-moi lequel des modèles du livre vous souhaiteriez voir traduire en français. Je tirerai au sort parmi tous les commentaires lundi prochain, 25 juin à 10:00. Bonne chance! Et si vous ne gagnez pas, vous pouvez toujours la retenter sur les autres blogs du tour! Sinon, il faudra l'acheter (et un dictionnaire aussi peut-être!)

Tour Date
8th JuneSusan Crawfordhttp://justcallmeruby.blogspot.co.uk/
12th June 2012Jean Mosshttp://jeanmosshandknits.blogspot.co.uk/
16th June 2012Jen Arnall-Cullifordhttp://jenacknitwear.typepad.com/
18th June 2012Helene Magnussonhttp://helenemagnusson.blogspot.co.uk/
20th June 2012Knitting magazinehttp://www.knittinginstitute.co.uk/
24th June 2012Ingrid Murnanehttp://ingridmurnane.com/  
28th June 2012Felicity Fordhttp://thedomesticsoundscape.com/wordpress/
29th June 2012Donna Druchunashttp://sheeptoshawl.com/
7th July 2012Karina Westermannhttp://www.fourth-edition.co.uk/
2nd July 2012Simply Knitting magazinehttp://simplyknitting.themakingspot.com/blog
6th July 2012Ruth Garcia-Alcantudhttp://www.rockandpurl.com/blog/
10th July 2012Tasha Mosshttp://blog.bygumbygolly.com/
14th July 2012Tom van Deijnenhttp://tomofholland.com/
18th July 2012Woollyhttp://www.woollywormhead.com/blog/
22nd July 2012Mimhttp://www.crinolinerobot.blogspot.co.uk/
25th July 2012The Sexy Knitterhttp://thesexyknitter.blogspot.co.uk/


  1. The diamond stole gets my vote, but hé I'm a sucker for lace.

  2. The Princess twinset for sure!
    I love the modern and authentic look of the pictures, she looks lovely! Lots of love, Cindy

  3. The book looks very interesting, would love to knit something from it...why not the diamond pullover:-)

  4. Bonjour,
    Le modèle dont j'aimerais la traduction en français est: Princess Twinset cardigan
    Le livre a l'air magnifique!

  5. wow, what a nice stole that is!
    Would be lovely to win this Coronation knits.

  6. Hello,

    I'd like to make 'Diamonds are Forever'. I love it's simplicity, I love knitting in the round & no seams. I want it NOW!

    Caroline (woolbothy on twitter)

  7. J'aime le Princess Twinset à coup sûr ... Une touche vintage comme je l'aime.

  8. J'aimerais bien la traduction du béret Crowning glory. Ce livre a l'air très intéressant.

  9. It has to be the Blue Riband hat. It is so elegant and modern, too.

  10. Superbes ces modèles ...Mon préféré est "amies"....en français peut être bientôt -enfin si je gagne!

  11. j'aime beaucoup le princess twinset mais aussi le blue riband, très élégants.

  12. I would cast on for Diamonds Are Forever, as I love yoke sweaters and this one is so very elegant!
    Kirsten (mutterpagh on ravelry )

  13. I would cast on the Changing Guards vest for my little brother, it's so sweet and he would love it.

    byanushka @ gmail.com

  14. Love this book and love the Embassy gloves - love knitting gloves/mitts and could easily wear them 9 months out of the year (poor circulation!!)

  15. Merci beaucoup pour nous permettre de gagner cette merveille et j'ai un réel coup de coeur pour ce bonnet d'après guerre le blue riband..;
    amitiés tricotesques

  16. It would definitely have to be "I've been to London to visit the Queen" for my daughter. It is so extremely pretty and effortlessly elegant!


  17. Princess twinset cardigan est super classe, et aussi un faible pour diamond stole on the cover, thanks for all this pictures!!! Quel beau théme, quelle belle idée!! A bientôt

  18. I have just the yarn for Crowning Glory! So stylish, it makes me want to take tea this afternoon!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I would knit Diamond Stole!

    craftink on raverly

  21. Sigrun.fleischmann@free.frJune 18, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    Excellente idée, indeed. J'aimerais gagner un livre, je ferai le débardeur avec les petits soldats pour mon fils, les chaussettes, pour moi-même, les gants pour ma fille .......

  22. J'adore le pull Diamonds are forever

  23. I've been to London to see the Queen......because its so smart, and i was wearing something similar when I DID go to London to see the Queen.

  24. EXTRA !! Je vote pour "silk rose", très sympa ce "bandana chic" à assortir aux tenues.

  25. I would try to knit the lion and the unicorn, to overcome my sleeve-phobia, the picture looks like it is all knitted in one piece, so maybe I could manage...

  26. Wow!
    I'd knit the Princess twinset cardigan because it's cute yet not too full of details like most of the things, wonderful.

  27. Sans hésitation mon coup de coeur est pour "Lion and unicorn"

  28. Sooo lovely ! I'd like to knit : blue riband, diamond stole, princess twin set... Why choose… everything is so cute !

  29. I would love to knit "I've been to London to visit the Queen." The shaping on it is just spectacular.

  30. The Retro Jubilee Socks - I love knitting socks and these will be great to knit whilst watching wimbledon!

  31. Today I am in love with Blue Riband! I can see myself actually wearing a hat this winter, because that hat wouldn't smoosh my hair all funny! But really ... I want to cast on ALL the patterns immediately!

  32. I adore the diamond stole! But, really, I don't think you could go wrong with any of these patterns!

  33. I'd want to make both Blue Riband and the sleeveless pullover right away! Perhaps I'll have to alternate between the two.

  34. dedet.alain@wanadoo.frJune 19, 2012 at 2:18 PM

    Merci à toi et à Susan pour ce petit jeu. Je choisis le châle Silk Rose que je trouve très original. Bonne fin de journée.

  35. Blue riband is just wonderful! :)

  36. Choix difficile, mais un petit faible pour Amies!!!

  37. I like all of them but "Crowning Glory" is my favourite and I would certainly make that right away:)

  38. Je suis fan du Blue Ribband mais comme je suis traductrice professionnelle, je peux le tricoter direct en anglais, pas besoin de traduction ! ;)

  39. "Coronation Sleeveless Pullover" is my favorite - I'll knit it for my son right away :)

  40. Je vote pour l'écharpe de couverture "Diamond stole " tricotée avec de la laine rouge !!!

  41. The Princess Twinset is my favorite! That detail at the back waist is just perfect!

  42. I love the Princess Twinset, especially the cardigan. I love it's 40ies shaping, and would love to cast it on right now.


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