Moth alert, again !

The "moth" from previous post did it again: this time it was Rosa (or Violet, we never know)´s cap and Maman Mouche´s dress that were nagged. Sylvía and Theodora declare war...

La "mite" du poste précédent a commis de nouveaux méfaits: cette fois c´est à la cape de Rosa (ou Violette, on ne sait plus) et à la robe de Maman Mouche qu´elle s´est attaquée. Sylvía et Théodora ont déclaré la guerre...


  1. "had it last year... some of my handknitted socks were eaten and so was my Yamamoto sweater and Agnes B sweater.... I have now cleaned everything and put al my garments and yarn in pastic bags.."

  2. My "moth" is using scissors, it seems...

  3. if they do it might be an idea to teach them to cut the pattern out in a nice way..;-)

  4. All the scissors in the house have been confiscated...


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