Home, not sweet home...

Here I am back from London, exhausted and the house full of boxes. Couldn´t find my knitted needles, so I went off for Yarn Harlot´s advise and read her latest knitting book. I think I was the last to get a signed copy, probably around 8 PM. I really needed to smile and giggle. I also got a picture of myself and Craig and Gerard, "les gentils organisateurs" of the IKnitDay, taken by Stephanie herself, but, would you believe it or not, it didn´t occur to me before really late that night that it would have been damned nice to have a picture of the three of them too! And when I say nice, I also mean polite... As I say, I´m really tired (like it is an excuse)... the moving, the school starting, Henrietta quiting night diapers and having "accidents" around 4 AM... Thank you to all the people who listened to me and bought my book. To the "gentils organisateurs" for inviting me. I was very happy to meet with Mary, from Search Press Ltd, my British publisher. And meet with Ruby, editor of Knitonthenet, Marjan and her bellissima Yarnissima socks, the Dutch Knitters who fed me with woffels (I saved some for my girls, they loved it).

Some pictures will follow soon (camera is off, can´t find the charger somewhere in a box somewhere...). But there is plenty to see on the I Knit flickr pool page here.


  1. Hélène, thank you SO much for being part of the show. Gerard feels like he's made a new riend and I hope you can come back to see us...perhaps something in the shop? He's already started something from your book. i thought it was very funny that you asked Stephanie to take OUR photo! Craigx

  2. Thank you very much to you both. There will probably be a family trip to London this year, visiting some friends... and your shop of course!


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