A French blog just started a knitalong with one of, if not the most challenging pattern from my book. The inserts that inspired it are from the Textile Museum in Blönduós.

Un nouveau blog français vient d'être ouvert pour tricoter "Un second pull de rose à huit pétales", le modèle le plus difficile de mon livreLes semelles de chaussures qui l'ont inspirés sont au Musée textile de Blönduós. Si le coeur vous en dit! Le kit est en vente chez Laine et tricot.
Une initiative de Feuille et ses amies. 


  1. I love this pattern and it is on my to do list

  2. Oh I love that pattern, and the other one to the left. I still have not knit them though, but one day!!

  3. ~ hello Helene,

    YES, the model with the sunglasses is wearing my favorite sweater from your book. I like the colors with the orange added & especially loVe, loVe, loVe the neckline pattern. Of course, I always like the most challenging pattern when I'm inspired by a new technique.
    When I can splurge on new yarn, I will give it a go ! Its beautiful ~
    Shell ~

  4. It's on my "to do" list too. That list if very long I must admit - but someday I will do it!

  5. si seulement je savais tricoter... J'ADORE !!!


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