Ah lala lalala

Here we are, almost midnight, 16th of September... and Issue 01 is not happening... everything is ready though ... but we didn't expect the lubies of my internet connection.... Apparently, it will take two days to upload all the pattern PDFs to the website! Fortunately, it will take only a few seconds for you to download them! But you will have to be patient until after the week-end. I refuse to work on Sunday! - well, actually I don't, it's my husband and my children who don't want me too... but I can knit instead, yeah!!!!

Guess who's on the picture?

Et voilà, nous sommes le 16 septembre, il est presque minuit... et le Numéro 01 n'est pas sorti... tout est prêt pourtant ... mais nous n'avions pas prévu les caprices de ma connection internet... Apparemment, il faudra 2 jours pour charger tous les modèles PDF sur internet! Heureusement, il vous suffira de quelques secondes pour les télécharger ! Donc, il vous faudra encoe patienter jusqu'après le week-end. Je refuse de travailler dimanche ! - en fait non, moi je veux bien mais pas mon mari ni mes filles... mais je peux tricoter à la place, youpi!!!!

Devinez qui est sur la photo?


  1. Tu t'es teint en blond?

  2. What a cute blog! I found it just through the random "Next Blog" search that blogger has - I've never done it, but glad I did. I've always had a fascination with Iceland (love the fashions I see from there) and my family is French- perfect fit! Excited to hear more about this Knitting Iceland issue... best wishes with it!

  3. I look forward to 01 whenever it comes out! :) And is that Ysolda Teague in the photo, by any chance?

  4. Ysolda!
    je vais guetter la sortie dès lundi alors.
    Bonne fin de week end en famille


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