My worst nightmare

Mon pire cauchemar

I found a moth, right in the middle on my stash: it´s war...
J´ai trouvé une mite dans mon stock de pelotes: je suis sur le pied de guerre...


  1. Eradique éradique!!!! vite!!!! comment?... je ne sais pas trop... naphtaline, lavande, congélo???

  2. Tout! Une bombe qui tue instananément aussi. Je croise les doigts.

  3. had the same last year... :-((

  4. advice is to put all your stash in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer (or perhaps outside) for a few weeks..

  5. Ooh dear, you have all my sympathy!

    I had some of his family living here last winter, and I got furious .... grrrr.
    All - and I mean ALL: coats, jackets, sweaters, socks etc etc - woolen stuff in the house had to spent at least 3 days in the freezer and there after it stayed more than a month in their plasticbags before .
    Luckily I haven't had any visitors since :-)

    If I do, I hope that this advice, I heard some days ago will do the job: small pieces of cedar tree in all drawers, bags and cupboards.
    Maybe you should give it a try?
    Good Luck

  6. I had cedar tree in all my drawers, bags, cupboards... sniff, sniff...but maybe it was already too late ?
    It æs been freezing outside all last week but then it´s getting warmer now, otherwise I would just have everything outside (´cause the freezer is full of food - it is a freezer- and the woolen in the house take at least 10 freezers...).
    Thanks for your support and advices !


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